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Privacy policy

Declaration fo Data Protection

Target of data management:

Activeman Szervezési, Tanácsadó és Oktatási Kft. (Activeman Management, Consulting and Training Ltd, hereafter: Data manager) is handling personal data of registered users in relation of its activity of writing comments onto blogs, publishing newsletters and Internet-based eCommerce trading activity to use these information to identify blog comments, addressing newsletters, fulfilling e-trade orders and executing related administrative duties (e.g. billing). The company handles only such quantity and form of personal data which is absolutely necessary to trading targets mentioned above and appropriate to achieve these goals. Personal data is managed only extent and time period as this is inevitable. The Data manager is protecting personal data of users of the web-shop in any available manner.

Name of data manager

Name of company:

Activeman Szervezési, Tanácsadó és Oktatási Kft.


7623 Pécs, Alkony utca 8.


+36 30 556 7246


Data controller registration number:

under processing

Name of data controllers:

Authorized persons to control managed data:

Activeman Szervezési, Tanácsadó és Oktatási Kft. 7623 Pécs, Alkony utca 8.
(Order Processing, package assembling, package addressing, billing, ticket sales activities)

PayPal™ (Related data controlling can be assessed at here)

OTP Simple

Targets of data access and data control:

Enhancing customer satisfaction,


ePayment processes with bank-cards and PayPal,

transferring event tickets to buyers via email messages

The used data processing technology:

Electronic data processing (data recording, retrieval and e-payment)

Types of transferred data:

Name of buyer

Delivery address

email of buyer

Legal claim of data management:

Opt in of concerned person according to Law on Information Autonomy and Freedom of Information, 2011. CXII. 5. § (1) paragraph, Item a); Hungary.

Permitting data management: The userdefinitely permits to manage personal data given voluntarily by him/her via registration. If purchasing this permit is prolonged.

Stakeholders: registered users

Scope of managed data:

During registration the following data is requested:

  • user name (obligatory)
  • valid email address (obligatory)

To finalize orders on a webshop the following data are requested:

- delivery address(es) (obligatory)

  • email address
  • name
  • street and number
  • country
  • zone code

- billing address(es) (optional)

  • name (if private)
  • company name
  • tax number (if company)
  • city
  • zone code
  • street and number

- data of finalized and on-progress orders (items in order, selected payment method)


Data source: volunteer data entry by users

Target of data management:

  • To fulfill webshop orders, delivery and billing, enhancing users’ satisfaction with presenting historical data or services.
  • Advertisements or newsletter can only be sent to registered email addresses by the Data manager only in cases and on mode which the User definitely has permitted, always fitting to legal compliance requirements. Users can de-subscribe from newsletter services on their personal datasheet at any time.

Duration of data management:

Electronically stored personal data is available for 120 days from date of order placing. After that day data is deleted from the system.

Rights and their vindication by the User and Stakeholders:

Buyers can put a request to data manager

- on information about handling personal data,

- on updating his/her personal data,

- on deleting or locking personal data.

In case the buyer had an order before, a new order will be coupled to actual personal data stored in the system. User can be informed on these joined personal data, can update or delete these contacting the data manager via personal, email or phone..

Data manager will give information for a request from a registered User above as soon as possible but maximum in 10 days, in written, understandable format. Information transfer is free, if the user had no similar request for the same dataset in a year. In other cases fee can be billed, based on General Terms and Conditions of Service. Fees have to be refunded if data have been managed illegally or the request has led to correcting the process or data.

If the data manager finds the request valid he immediately has to update or delete the data.

(1) If the personal data is not valid and valid data is available for the data manager, data has to be updated.

(2) Personal data has to be deleted if

a. Managing this data is illegal;

b. Stakeholder (data owner) requests deleting;

c. Data is incorrect or invalid – and this status can’t be corrected using a legal process -, provided law is not against deleting;

d. Target to use the data is cancelled or duration time of legally storing the data expired;

e. Judge or authority ordered deletion.

Concerned person feeling hurt in his/her rights can sue the data manager according to cases listed in Hungarian Law 2011. CXII. 21. §. The bench will have a procedure out of turn.

If the registered User is not satisfied with the response of the data manager then can go to law to protect his/her personal data or can apply for the National Data Protection and Information Freedom Office ( ).

If the data manager causes somebody a disservice with using personal data of the concerned person illegally or violating relevant data security rules the toll of the person has to be covered.


The website uses some important cookies as the engine does not work well without these technical solutions. “Cookies” are created when you fill a form on the site, you register yourself or even if you use services of the site with higher level of activity as click on a link.

We also use some less important cookies to track activities anonymously to learn behavior and to enhance customer experience. If you don’t agree with these please, prohibit using cookies in your browser – and please, understand, that doing this some functions offered on the site will not work, as a consequence.

Used cookies:

  • Analytics, tracking cookie
  • Tracking through websites
  • Login and checking User ID session cookie

Electronic messages from the system, advertisements, newsletter

Registered users can have electronic messages to their email mailbox (given voluntarily during registration):

  • Feedback on purchase, purchasing information
  • Feedback on registration, with a link to first login
  • Email to have a new password
  • Lock user record or delete it
  • Other system messages
  • Newsletters for those registered to accept it

All email messages serve the higher level of security, except newsletters. Subscription to newsletters are automatic during registration but can be cancelled later on the site at any time.

Subject” field of the newsletter always refers to content. “Sender” is automatic if the message is coming from system activity (like registration, deleting, locking, request for a password, etc.). Otherwise or in the case of a newsletter the sender is a staff member of Activeman Kft.

The service provider vindicates rights to update and modify this Data Protection prospectus with informing the Users parallel. When modification comes into effect the user validates changes in content with continuing the service (implied conduct).

If the User transferred entry data of third party or does any disservice using the website the Service Provider has right to ask for compensation. In this case the Provider will give all necessary support to authorities to identify the person violating these rules.



  • Concerned person: any natural person, being identified – directly or non-directly – on his/her personal data
  • Personal data: data related to a person concerned – especially his/her name, ID, one or more physical, physiological, mental, economical, cultural or social personality, and, any deduction related to the person concerned based on the data above;
  • contribution: volunteer and definite announcement of the will of concerned person, based on appropriate information, and with which he/she agrees in no uncertain terms to manage the related personal data – in holistic or partial way, limited to some activities only;
  • veto:announcement of the concerned persondisapprovingmanagement of his/her personal data and a request to stop this activity and deleting the related data;
  • data controller: a natural person or legal entity or an entity without legal personality who or which defines targets of data processing alone or together with third party, makes decisions on and executes data management (including equipment used) processes or let a third party data controller to do it;
  • data processing: any processing or complex of processing of data, independently from the type of activity, especially collecting, entry, recording, ordering, storing, modifying, using, filtering, transferring, publishing, joining, encrypting, deleting and preventing any further transfer, making a photo, voice- or video recording or making any physical characteristics (finger- or palm-print, DNS sample, iris-image) recorded;
  • data transfer: allowing access of data to definite third party
  • publishing:making the data accessibleto anyone, the public sphere;
  • data erasure (deleting) making the data unusable on a way that reconstruction (recovery) of data content and form becomes impossible;
  • data notation:adjustingthe data with identifying meta-data to create a unique characteristics;
  • data lockup: adjusting the data with special identification to limit further data processing for a certain period or forever;
  • data cancellation (annihilation): the media containing the data is physically annihilated, destroyed;
  • data processing: technical tasks executed in relation to data management, independently from methods and equipment to use and also from the place, providing that the technical activity is executed on data;
  • data processor: any natural person or legal organ or entity without legal personality who or which processes data on contractual base (included contract forced and/or allowed by law);
  • dataset - datafile: unit of data in a registry;
  • third party: any natural person or legal organ or entity which lacks legal personality who or which is not identical to the person concerned, the data controller or data processor;
  • third country: any state not belonging to EU